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Biden indicates he may challenge Trump in 2020

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 RhetoricalRebel    1,459

In the 90's I worked for MBNA, the largest Master Card/Visa bank in the world before Bank of America bought them in 2005.

MBNA was one of the, if not the most evil corporations in America with Charles Cawley as CEO. This corp pioneered the "derivitaves" concept in the credit card industry in the early 80's. This later in 1995 expanded to mortgages which is the root cause of 2007-8 credit crisis, which MBNA also played a role.

I know for a fact, from day 1 of MBNA's formation, that Uncle Joe Biden was in bed with Cawley, humping and sucking every orifice.

This Wikipedia bio on Biden shows the tip of iceberg of the sick relationship between them. Biden was the political spearhead to pass "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act" which made it a lot harder to file bankruptcy on credit cards. Wikipedia has recently rewritten and euphemized that part of the  bio, but if you look up the act, it's clear what it really did.




He may be a creepy pedo, but more importantly, he is the "devil's advocate" to the banksters.

 If he ran, I would seriously consider campaigning for a candidate running against him.

This POS cannot be allowed to become president!!!

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