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Be careful what you wish for.

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 Redlistvet    494

This might not be a very popular idea with some but I actually agree with this statement by the Army Secretary McHughs.  

I served during an all volunteer force. Any one that enlisted did so of their own free will.  I've also served with some really kick ass women that could out work a lot of the guys. Connie if you happen to read this HYDRO. Lol.

With the recent liberal push for true equal opportunities in the military, opening all specialties to include women, this does seem as a logical coarse of action.  If you want true equal opportunities in the military, then you need to register for the selective services, just like the guys have to.

They keep screaming they want to be treated the same, well now's your chance. You shouldn't have the ability to pick and choose what you want be equal with.  


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Or maybe have no one at all forced to register. Drafting people makes them slaves, and an army filled with people who don't want to be there is weak. It would be better to ensure that the armed forces aren't really working for drug lords and CIA psychopaths. 

But I would require that all adult citizens learn to safely handle firearms and ammo, some basic self-defense, and survival skills.

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