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Dakota Access pipeline + Antarctica + EPA wth is going on

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Trump Gags epa in Jan 17. Conspiracy theorists went crazy with why would he did this.

1. To stop the climate change debate based on bunk science

2. To get the Dakota Access pipeline built

Around the time All kinds of crazy was happening at Antarctice. Everyone in the political sphere was taking trips there. All kinds of ideas were going around.

1. Aliens and or alien space craft

2. war in Antarctica

3. Climate change

4. Ancient alien  city under the Ice

Im revisiting this today because I think that a catostrophic event is about to happen. I believe that the ice is going to melt and will disrupt the ocean currents. Also the melt of the ice is putting more moisture in the air causing these superstorms.

We wont know the truth of whats going on because the Trump Regime has put gag orders in place. I think they did this for one simple reason SO COMMERCE DOES NOT STOP.

If half or more of the population was in danger from a coming event what would those people do? Well they would stop working and enjoy what time we had left. Sure some would riot but most wouldnt and Many would even be HAPPY about it.

These Corporate masters will be safe from the event. They are able to go anywhere in the world And anywhere underneath the surface.

Yup I dont think  this idea is crazy. THE CORPORATIONS control Government. We all are awake to that fact now. They have lobbied there power into existence.

Even if my conspiracy theory is wrong then we still have banker war Dick heads with nukes.  


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