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The Tyranny of Idealism

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 CSB    1,665

Daniel Greenfield: The Tyranny of Idealism

Posted On Oct 13 2015

Read more at http://politichicks.com/2015/10/daniel-greenfield-the-tyranny-of-idealism/

Of all the Alinsky rules, the most relevant one is, “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” But he simply codified and made pragmatic the most destructive of the left’s rules which is, “Make the enemy live up to his ideals.” Even if those ideals are often the invention of the left.

Ideals are by definition impossible to live up to. Human societies aren’t ideal, they’re real. Ideals are absolutes and an unfliching attempt to live up to them destroys individuals and societies. More subtly, the failure to live up to them justifies hatred and self-hatred toward nations and peoples.

People naturally want to think the best of their creeds and cultures, their societies and their states. This is both the best weapon and the best breeding ground of the left. There is nothing that creates leftists and draws them like the accusation that a nation is failing to live up to its ideals.


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 YourMom2    1,286

Ideally, we'd live in a free and open society yet here we are. Our ancestors built America from scratch but they didn't have television, sports, lifestyle crap and a zillion other distractions.

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This is exactly what anti-theists do to Christians as well. If there is any perceived fault in a Christian or the Bible, they paint the whole Christian faith as hypocritical at best. The mistake many of us make is that we try to live up to the impossible level of perfection the shills created without regard for context or any depth of understanding. This is why I have such little patience with those who use such tactics, as it's disingenuous and only aims to destroy rather than discuss.

We also see this tactic on the earth shape debate. If FEers can't answer every little question, they're mocked and brushed off as nutters. And likewise, attempts to reach a level of perfection or omniscience not even attempted by BEers only result in people burning out and giving up.

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