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Ex-Girlfriend of Texas Church Gunman: He was ‘a pervert, a pedophile, a monster’

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November 9, 2017  :pointing-down-smiley-emoticon:


One young woman knew the gunman who carried out the Texas church massacre better than just about anyone else,

because they dated for 3 years. Brittany Adcock, 22,

says she dated Devin Kelley when she was 13 and still in middle school.

“Devin was a monster. He was a pervert. A pedophile,”

she told Inside Edition. It's still hard for her to talk about him without crying.

“No 13-year-old deserves that, you know, to be taken advantage of by someone that is older and knows better,”

she said.

Source: Inside Edition



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12 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

This must be pedo expo day!  

Distraction day more like. Nothing ever happens to take them down. Pedos that is!

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Still nothing to suggest at that point he was ready to do what he did. This is creepy but his behaviour is a long way from turning into a crazed gunman. With behaviour like that he's more likely a candidate that someone who had the opportunity to do detailed personality testing and psychological profiling might be interested in if they were running a program to create Manchurian type MK soldiers.

His military history needs examination. Especially his postings. Which bases he was at, for how long. 

It's just certain MK training is known to be done at certain bases, is all.

But the whole thing reeks of MK, don't it.

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These events never happened in this succession this close together 5:yrs ago, the masons/ shadow gov/ deepstate / whatever they are, are really ramping up the agenda right now, literally every other week there is a mass shooting pysop being portrayed to the gullible sheep

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