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Bedroom Tax fans are evil

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 fudgetusk    53

Been on twitter discussing the bedroom tax(which lowers the amount of housing benefits you are paid if you have spare bedrooms)The fans of it are scum. One said there should be a cull of the sick. He then went onto 'joke' about eating babies. One guy said the sick should live in near poverty and eat at soup kitchens. 

The bedroom tax is designed, as all political acts, to divide people. It is designed to wear down one set of people and remove the compassion of another and get them to fight and hate each other. It is working. Debating with the fans of this tax is pointless. They use many tricks. They will make the same point over and over and ignore your response. Then when you tire of answering them they act like you never had a counter argument at all. Why would people need to use such tactics? the only answer is they know they are wrong but cannot admit it to themselves. 

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