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Guitar Doc

Century of the Self

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I recommend this excellent 4 part BBC series by Adam Curtis if you want to understand who we are manipulated on Mass and by whom.


If you want to understand modern politics (last 20 years) it explains fully how we are manipulated psychologically.


I will look for links. I downloaded the series but I understand it is banned on Utube. Once you veiw it you will understand why.

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On 10/13/2015, 1:46:41, YourMom2 said:

Wow! That was a trip down memory lane. Let's travel back in time and discredit Freud and Co. Great series especially for newbies that haven't researched Edward Bernays.



Disturbing to find out western society is manipulated by Psychologists (for hire) and their high powered PR firms.

Bernays Propaganda is also good to read as he is pretty open about what he is doing including reforming the US school system changing it from "a place where people are taught to think to one where people are taught what to think"


All the high powered Psychology studies I know of today are all directed at how to manipulate human beings.


I also recommend J.A.C. Brown's "Techniques of Persuasion, from propaganda to brainwashing". It was a banned book for many years.I got a copy in a box of CT books I was gifted in my early 20's. Published in 1967 it is well worth the read.

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