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John Galt

Yemeni President Hadi 'under house arrest' in Riyadh

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 John Galt    616


Saudi Arabia has barred Yemen's president, along with his sons, ministers and military officials, from returning home for months, Yemeni officials told The Associated Press. The officials said the ban was prompted by enmity between President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels and has come to dominate southern Yemen, the portion of the country not under rebel control. In an attempt to move against UAE, Hadi held a meeting on November 2 to discuss a cabinet reshuffle to push out Emirati-backed members, but so far there have been no results from the meeting. The commander said Hadi is reluctant to defy Saudi Arabia because he "doesn't want to lose the Saudis". 

Meanwhile, the coalition blamed Iran for Saturday's Houthi missile strike towards Riyadh, saying it could be "considered as an act of war". Iran supports the Houthis but has denied arming them and said it had nothing to do with the missile launches. The Houthis have said their missiles are locally produced.


Like I said earlier, if Iran wanted to attack Saudi.. It would have been successful

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