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Not everybody is the same

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 AceMan    24

Not everybody is the same ?

You're right no two people are alike, no two people get precisely the same levels of nutrients out of the food that they eat, nor do two people require the exact same amounts of anything, because people have different biochemical compositions, but everybody is made up of the same chemical components themselves, in exactly the same general form... and therefore require the same kind of a diet, assuming they are in identical physical condition.

And people require vitamin B1, B5, B6, B12 and so on in order to function.

People are a lot more the same than they are different.

Nobody in my family has Diabetes, Hypo, or Hyper Glycemia, Food allergies, Ulcers, Colitis, or anything else...   so with that, I have no experience with such people who do... if its on the food pyramid, me and family requires it, and we are able to consume it, Period.

For those who do have disorders that limits the kinds of food that they can eat, that's why we have doctors.....  The television is not a doctor... and so I think that the FDA ought to make it illegal for these assholes to be on TV with their "diets".

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 Cryptic Mole    3,509

Identical twins have the exact same DNA, and yet their finger prints do not match
showing their individuality.

In all the billions of people who have ever lived and live now, and are yet to live will
never have a match in finger prints.

There have never been two identical snow flake crystals since the beginning of time,
and there never will.

Everything in the entire universe no matter which of the four states of matter are
involved, even within every sub category of matter, they all cry out individuality, and
yet everything is as one and completely connected. Light creates sound and sound
creates light. One drop of water seems insignificant, but add many more and you will
have an ocean teaming with life because the true nature of water is life giving.

Even though individuality is everywhere, still everything divinely works together.

Yes, there is much more goings on than different needs for different people, but yes,
it's also a part of the cycle of everything.

Sorry for my in a sense off topic semi rant!

Edited by Cryptic Mole

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