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Physical tests

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 AceMan    24

I have taken a batter of tests to see where my body is , physiologically.

1. The ice bath test, and the indoor freezer tests conclude that my body is built to withstand extreme cold.

2. The sauna test, and a hot room test concluded that I am not well suited for the heat, or for humidity.

3. The treadmill test inside an indoor freezer concluded that I can walk up to 50 miles one way, and back in the extreme cold.

4. The same treadmill test inside the hot room concluded that I can walk only 5 miles (at most) in the heat, and the same test inside the sauna concluded that I can only walk 4 miles in the heat AND humidity.

5. The UV ray test concluded that I am worst suited to withstanding the Suns rays.

6. A running test clocked me at only 10 miles per hour, for short distances, like a sprint.

7. A Weight lifting test revealed that I was able to lift the 1,000 pounds on a leg press, and 400 pounds on a bench press.

8. A Bite test revealed that I can (over time) bite with 770 pounds of bite force at the front teeth, with 500 pounds of bite force starting immediately.

9. An Arm wrestling test against a machine revealed that press down with 900 pounds PSI, or enough to bend a steel oil drum, and break two cow thigh bones put together, or break a person's arm if they attempt to lock their elbow.

10. A Grip test revealed that I put out 200 pounds per square inch of gripping power with my hands, enough to hold onto the antlers of an adult deer.

11. A Swimming Test inside the freezer concluded that I can swim in extremely cold water, for very long periods of time.

12. A swimming test inside the hot room concluded that water provided relief against the heat. 



So here's the conclusion of all these tests.


Right Handed with enough capabilities in my left hand and my left side, to constitute having nearly Ambidextrous capabilities. 

Coordination :


Appropriate worldwide range :

Arctic, Sub Arctic, Antarctic, Sub Antarctic and Temperate zones.

Optimal Season :

Mid Fall / Winter / Mid Spring

Strength :

Gorilla (just shy of a superman)

Speed :


Appropriate Hunting technique if using primitive tools or bare hands :


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