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the 19 year old hippie can go screw himself

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Nutritional diseases are rare in the Western world, because in the Western world, people are the most well off...
Which is the reason why I don't give a flying fuck about somebody's fad diet.
I don't give a fuck about what kind of SHIT comes out of the mouth of somebody who is simply babbling based on a lack of experience.

Its the idea that forms in a brain that doesn't know what can happen if he doesn't eat properly, because he never seen what happens.

Here is a list of nutritional diseases caused a lack of eating meat, that IS happening in "Vegetarians".

Beriberi = A nutritional disease characterized by a lack of B vitamins
Anemia = A nutritional disease characterized by a lack of Iron and Vitamin B12
Marasmus = A nutritional disease characterized by a lack of Protein and/or Calories
Kwashiorkor = A nutritional disease characterized by a lack of CARBS
Osteoporosis and Rickets = A Disease of the bones characterized by a lack of Calcium

That happens everyday to these fad diet tards, and these back to nature fuckwits... and these "vegans".

I'm not going to get any of these diseases because some 19 year old hippie thinks he's hot stuff with his teevee fads, fuck him, if he wants to be my age 29 years old, busted up... that's him, not me or my family.

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