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DIY tinderbox for flint and steel fires

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Good to see people preserving "primitive" tech. For some odd reason, I've taken an interest in making portable woodgas stoves: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5s7WCFiEPkrg_Pyx2-8spg

Not that I'm good with metal work or anything (no training on that), but our charcoal grill rusted out and we decided to try this. I've tried a couple different designs, the "five to one vortex" and the "mountain ranger". The vortex burns hot and never smokes, while the mt. ranger has a bluer, clearer flame but smokes at the end and doesn't burn the embers as thoroughly. However, that's likely due more to my lame skills and non-ideal can sizes than the design itself, since the guy who made the mt. ranger stoves doesn't have the smoke problem and the guy who made the vortex stoves gets a bluer flame.

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