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Obama Arms ISIS-Linked Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day

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Even more shocking, Obama did the very same thing after the 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting.

The president approved the re-arming of the Syrian opposition, which predominantly consists of ISIS and its affiliates, on Oct. 1, the same day Obama suggested the U.S. should start banning guns after the Umpqua Community College shooting.

“The approval came at a National Security Council meeting on Thursday,” CNN reported. “…The President also emphasized to his team that the U.S. would continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters the war-torn country.”

Virtually all of the rebels in Syria have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State since at least 2013. cont http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress3/obama-arms-isis-linked-militants-pushes-gun-control-on-very-same-day/

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I think he knows that some of our military will not go along with going against the constitution and he's trying to bend and break laws to get foreign troops here to do his dirty work. 

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I wonder if he did it with intent. Ya know, just to piss off the party of no? Don't get me wrong, I disagree with both arming terrorists, and since the first day it was reported we were sending them money, i was like, "no, that won't work well for anyone that isn't someone." Then McCain went down there, baptised em all in the spirit of war and general asshattery, and the next week, ISIS pops up. Then we aid "the rebels" in fighting "ISIS" by misdropping supplies to the "enemy". The same nation that can put a man on the fuckin moon can't drop a crate right from 100'? Bitch please, that's insulting to our service men and women. If it was just one drop, okay, hell, i'm a fuck up, i get that it happens. Twice? Now come on guys, we really need to get our shit together. How many was the total though, four, five? Somewhere in the neighborhood, and that was just in one season, and not including all the shiney new shit they got when we "rebuilt" Iraq. Can't really call a smolder pile of shit rebuilt though... or can you? *mind wanders*

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