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To all you weed smokers - I present to you the Danger of smoking the mary j.

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The before pic looks a lot like me before the accident on a Turkish hi way. And the after pic is very close to what I looked like after going thru a windshield in a head on collision. (No drugs involved)

so was I on the "Highway to hell?" 

Im not defending reefer, it is bad for you. 

But to blame it for what the bong did?

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Bad for you. Good for others. The fact everyone demands we all be the same and not realize some people simply function better in certain states is why the world is in the divisive state it is. Let go, Luke. God is perfect judge. You be you, and do what you do. If it's truely in Christ, it will be seen, and emulated. If not, it will be but another forgotten mistake amongst many that we all make.

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