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Hillary Clinton Vows To Take 2nd Amendment Away From Gun Owners

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After months of speaking in vague terms about things we need to “have a conversation” about and “hard choices” we need to make on stuff, Hillary Clinton finally laid out some policy specifics that include altering the Bill of Rights. The fading democratic presidential hopeful outlined her gun control policy and she is vowing to take the 2nd Amendment away from gun owners, possibly through executive action.


Read the whole post here : http://downtrend.com/71superb/hillary-clinton-vows-to-take-2nd-amendment-away-from-gun-owners



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Hitlery (sorry Adolph) Clit-on needs a good f***!

Either from male or female or her cast iron armadillo.

Betch is totally insane.

True oxygen waste.

Her mother should have had this slime aborted.

True useless waste of good oxygen.


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