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Biloxi Public Schools Ban To Kill a Mockingbird Because Muh Feels

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 BunBun    450

This guy is intelligent, but I don't know what his symbol with the half moon handing down with the snake eating it's tail mean and I have real concerns that he's somewhat satanic in his orientation. I don't know that, but he gives me pause. He does make some interesting points, but I wish he were more upfront about his own affiliation.

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 sybdragon    1,805

And this is why I avoid that place. If I go there, it's casinos only. It's all that town is good for now. Gambling. The last time I knew any kids in that school system, they were in the 'special' part. There is a school there for problem kids. It's for the kids that can not behave in regular school. It's been a while and the schools are not that good there. You do not move there for the schools. They suck.  :gsbrnint:

If you want to live there, gambling is the only thing there. It's taken over the place. 

3 minutes ago, BunBun said:

he's somewhat satanic in his orientation

He's totally a Satanist. He admits it. He translates old books and sells the translations. He reviews occult books and recommends them. He is an occultist. Your gut is correct about this guy if it's telling you he is an occultist on the dark side. :nodl:

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 Lucy Barnable    5,393

This is how they rewrite history.
They don't want kids to know that we fought against racism.
They want children to think all white Americans have always been the enemy of all 'people of color'.


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