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Judge Jeanine searing commentary on Weinstein, Clinton, Epstein and pedophiles

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She mentioned the pedo stuff.


She smeared the whole seething mess of lizard swine that infest the cesspit. 

On national telly.

Farkin hell Golly.

I can't help thinking this is the first shot in positioning Fox per this:


MegaANON - from above link: Soon it will be made public that Breitbart is acquiring the Fox News potion of Fox. O'Reilly and Bolling sacreficed themselves to be forced to resign or force Fox to fire them so they could get out of their contract penalties knowing they had jobs. After all that comes out about Kelly, no one will believe their mainstream fake news claims that Bolling or O'Reilly harassed women. In fact, both have remained public and have kept their followings. This was Bannon's negotiation with Trump in exchange for helping him campaign and drain the swamp. Trump promised Bannon would get to be the one to report on the SHTF. This is what Bannon has waited for his entire career. So when they agreed it was time and his job was done, Bannon's resignation was approved so he could cover it. That "Trump has a 30% chance of finishing his term" shit he said, is only to keep the fires of the base stoked. It's to keep us from getting lazy. The Trump train needs to keep chugging hard, to get it done... it's why he said he will dedicate himself to defending the agenda the Trump base voted for.

:pulling-hair::clap1::banana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon: at first glance.


What deeply concerns me is that while Trump is consistent when opposing the marxist NWO faction, we all know the zionist NWO faction is equally if not more powerful because they have control over all the pointy things. So what if this is a mere hostile takeover of the enterprise, and after the cultural marxists have been culled, normal transmission recommences?

i.e. constant war for Israel.

MegaANON in the above thread repeats his previous claim that Trump is going to have a 'My fellow Americans' presser where he says the CIA, FBI and the Fed is dirty.


If the Fed is exposed, this plays into the hand of those looking to launch a gold-backed USD, which has been in the works for some time anyway, as a counter to the upcoming gold-backed Chinese yuan. The CIA could pretend to be dissolved, but in reality its useful functions like the drone dept and the regime change dept could be kept on intact without anyone knowing, plus the FBI functions could be absorbed and probably will be, by the US Gestapo, the DHS. Which is like putting Dick Cheney without the charm in charge of your internal security.

This is what this could all be about.

Ditch the celebrity control matrix because too many people are seeing through it and roll in a new matrix.

I hope I'm wrong but until I see a POTUS express implaccable opposition to the ziocons and imprison all of them, I don't think I am.

The tell will be, how far will this casting couch|pedogate spread through? Will it stop at Hollyweird? Or will it go into Modelling? TV? MSM? Sports? Politics? And if it gets to any one of these, does it stop at casting couch or does it extend to pedogate too?

The tell will be: does it reach politics, to pedogate level?

Let's see what they do here, before we break out the champagne.

But wow.

Travistock supercomputers probably blew a valve on this one.


Golly golly golly.

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There is always one or two whom seem to stand-up and say what we know needs to be said but then nothing ever comes from it!!

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We can hope but I doubt it! Still an interesting listen though. Just for the tidbits of info!

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