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Soros Had A $42 Million Short Open On MGM

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George Soros Investment Fund Bought "PUTS" on 1.35 Million MGM Stocks 60 or so Days BEFORE Attack at MGM Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

In the Stock Market, a call is the right to buy. A put is the option to sell the underlying stock at a predetermined strike price until a fixed expiry date.

The put buyer has the right to sell shares at the strike price, and if he/she decides to sell, the put writer is obliged to buy at that price.  When a person thinks a stock will go up significantly, he can buy a CALL, to lock-in a sale price.  Conversely, when he thinks a stock will FALL in value, he can buy a "PUT"

So why did George Soros' Investment Fund think - in August 2017, just 8 weeks or so before the Mandalay Bay Massacre -- that the value of MGM Stock would FALL?  Why did Soros Investments buy "PUTS" on 1,350,000 MGM Shares? 

Did they know a mass murder was going to take place and tried to make money off it?  Or did they ARRANGE the incident?

Filings by the Soros Investment Fund raise these questions, and I have the filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) below:

Soros manages an investment fund that has to file quarterly statements with the SEC to disclose its positions.

On 8/14/2017, he filed an SEC Form "13f." The one previous to that was filed on 5/15/2017. By looking at these two forms, we can see the changes made to the portfolio during that time.

When it comes to gambling stocks, Soros does not seem too interested, OTHER THAN IN MGM.


On Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, the board of MGM Resorts International decided to approve a $1 billion share repurchase program. At $17.7 billion today, the program represented a significant portion of its current market cap. By the end of the week, MGM’s CEO, James Murren, had coolly divested himself of 80% of the shares he owned in his company. The divestment came just days before the ex-dividend date on September 8th, 2017.

The sales were originally disclosed in a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Murren had previously divested 57,269 shares on July 31st and August 9th, 2017.

It’s currently unclear why Murren chose to sell when he did. To date, MGM’s stock has not experienced a significant decline in value due to the repurchasing program. It could be interpreted to run against the company’s interests for the CEO to convey a sense of urgency in the selling of his shares by disposing of them immediately after the commencement of his company’s share repurchase program. It’s also strange that the CEO of a company would sell more than half of their stake (let alone 80%) in the company that they represented.

Mr. Murren and his fellow board members were not the only speculators who were bearish on MGM’s prospects. Billionaire investor George Soros also bought $42 million worth of puts on the company, according to SEC filings from mid August.

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