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Interview with Las Vegas Metro Police Officer - Vegas Investigation Part 3

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 Cinnamon    28,895

This does not show the interview, he says he doesn't want to give out the identity of the cop. He's just relaying what he was told. Said that on the night of the shooting they were responding to many reports. And it is the opinion that they were trying to get the cops all together in one place or to keep them away from the Mandalay. Take it for what it's worth. The guy says youboob is censoring him. 

From The Daily Sheeple website:


Morphonios continued, “This officer was very forthcoming, told me a lot of stuff, but when I asked about the story of the glass being shot out of the Bellagio hotel the officer said no comment. Had been very forthcoming throughout the entire interview but when I got to that he said sorry I cannot talk about that.”

The officer also reportedly told the journalist that “no sense of normalcy had returned to Vegas at this point” and that due to the mass chaos the night of the shooting, police believe the attackers used diversions to lead police around the strip as they conducted their attack.

Keep in mind that the FBI is running the entire investigation and thus has the ability to release whatever disinformation they wish, knowing the mainstream press will immediately report it as fact.

The above report is by no means the only evidence that there was more than one shooter, in fact there are at least six different eyewitness reports that detail or prove multiple shooters even as the authorities and media desperately try to convince the American people that one old man conducted the largest mass shooting in the countries history.

As I recently reported, one of the shocking eyewitness reports came from a man named Gio Rios who posted what he saw before deleting it amid seemingly coordinated personal attacks.

“Facebook user and eyewitness Gio Rios has sent shockwaves throughout the internet after he not only confirmed he was present during the attack, he presented a variety of details that are were either unpublished or have been denied by authorities and the mainstream media.”




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 Dr. Evil    2,553

Yeah it's quite obvious they were trying to keep the LVMPD busy elsewhere while they did the op at the Mandalay.

The fact you had reports of shots in those various hotels but AFAIK no reports of actual injuries lends credence to that hypothesis.

But even if the cops weren't there, where was the Mandalay hotel's security?

The only way they could be kept away and the guns be taken into the room is if the Mandalay thought it was working with a govt security agency with impeccable credentials.

That cover story about Paddock being an undercover FBI agent and doing a Fast and Farious type sting thinking he was dealing with ISIS cells explains a few things. It explains why the FBI is prevaricating so much and it explains how the guns got into the room and it explains why Paddock was gambling 15 mins before the shooting started, given this was just another one of these deals which he'd done before and it explains why Paddock had the cameras in the room.

But rather than being an ISIS team who discovered he was an FBI agent and killed him then did the shooting, I wonder if there isn't another possibilty. 

An Israeli newspaper published Paddock's supposed ISIS name as the killer 5 hours after the shooting and before the LVMPD had released it. 

I wonder if this was a Mossad team posing as ISIS agents who set this up, and Paddock was always going to be the Patsy. Or a black ops Deep State CIA team. Either way. 

The motive is: to distract from several Deep State ops going south and to get Trump. Kneelgate was going badly, you had the Puerto Rico thing too where the failure to distribute supplies that had been delivered was about to be exposed, plus the Catalonia referendum which exposed successful people's resistance to the NWO. Changing the news cycle on all of these things is to the benefit of Deep State. Then you have the get Trump thing plus you have the punish the US for not doing well on the seven countries in five years Greater Israel project motive. All of these things are motives for the Zionist faction in Deep State. Plus you have the timing, on the Feast of Atonement on the last day of Yom Kippor and the Satanic elements in the venue with the pyramid and the Sphynx and the name - Harvest - all of which fall into the Talmudic black magic which serves the religious aspects these guys live by.

I'm tending to think it was more an intell agency that did the planning for this, it doesn't smell like even a sophisticated terrorist unit like ISIS, and I'm thinking it was probably Mossad.

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 Dr. Evil    2,553
2 hours ago, September said:

Do you think The Synagogue will ever be held accountable in our lifetimes?

The Khazarians are failing left, right and centre at the mo. From the disaster in Syria to the transparent incompetence of this op, everything they are doing is a complete disaster. While the neocons are well known for doubling down in the face of disaster because they're idiots, the rest of them have previously shown considerable smarts, but those seem to have abandoned them.

Prosecuting them depends on the sheeple waking up and understanding that what's been happening for centuries isn't just a bunch of random events, but they remain deeply soaked in the MK Kool-aid. 

I don't know. I sense there is an awakening in the Millenials. But I don't yet know how that will turn out. 

Fulford reckons there is a fight between the Asian Secret Societies and the Khazarians and the Khazarians are losing, which explains their current performance. But thing is, who is behind the Asians? More of the same?

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