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Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein??

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4 minutes ago, Therin said:

They were probably gang stalking the shit out of Haim.

Might not have needed to.

Everyone in the hollywood elite knew. All laughing, sniggering behind the scenes.

Knowing there is nothing you can do. All powerful people reigning over you.

But then as someone already stated. They like to make murders look like suicides! But maybe there is info out that makes that point moot. I have no looked so I cannot say for sure either way!

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2 hours ago, Ukshep said:

There we go. So now we wait for the news to break. Then me and you groove. We get to say I told you so. Not like that is the goal but man. We're shit hot at cop. You guys and gals and the staff are nailing aspects on the daily!

Hell yeah. And it's just by listening to what celebs have said in the past and then realizing it may have a connection to something in the present. Of course libs who don't listen will never see it and continue to talk crap with out ever waking up.  

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12 hours ago, Ukshep said:

Sheen...... Still time..

Sheen, will meet his maker, much like Capone did many many years ago infected with Syphilis which covers the lining of the brain, and the spinal cord/column, a slow and debilitating disease you would not wish upon an enemy. However...

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