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Something Very Big and Very Evil Is About to Happen

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 YaKnow2.0    681
12 hours ago, CSB said:

Something Very Big and Very Evil Is About to Happen…”I believe we are likely seeing beginning of chemical and biological attacks. We are entering uncharted waters.”

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 By Paul Martin 

Dave Hodges October 11th, 2017

Where is the Vegas massacre headed? This is not a stand alone event. The event has purpose and it is a means to an end. I believe I have that answer because of my past affiliations and I have some small ability to connect the dots. The Vegas shooting is just the very beginning.

Only four months after the birth of this website, I ran one of the biggest stories I had ever covered. At that time, I had been friends with a FEMA employee for almost 15 years. As I recounted the following story, as on one night, he and his wife showed up at my office and told me they were bugging out witin 60 days and that things were about to get really ugly in America.

Ex-FEMA Relocations

>Almost five years ago, I was told by a close friend who happened to be an Ex-FEMA counter-bioterrorism operative, that he was bugging out in order to get out of harms way. He was very clear on one point, when Americans begin to see the massively shifting of military assets as well as a UN troops on American soil, it is a clear sign that things are about to happen. What he then told me was bone-chilling. To repeat what he had previously reported, he stated (late 2012) that there is a rising tide of populism in this country. And that if the elite could not stem the tide of populism, which was blocking the final establishment of the New World Order, they would embark on a plan to exterminate as many Americans as possible and thereby, destroy the country. He said what we all know, that America, with its Constitution and 300 million hand guns, is the last real obstacle to the establishment of a New World Order. This message was telling, about stemming the tide of populims, because it was years ahead of Trump and the awakening of the American people.

Read the whole post here : http://revolutionradio.org/2017/10/11/something-very-big-and-very-evil-is-about-to-happen-i-believe-we-are-likely-seeing-beginning-of-chemical-and-biological-attacks-we-are-entering-uncharted-waters/


Chemical and biological attacks ? I have yet seen UN troops on the streets but that don't mean that they are not already here ... We have seen their trucks and other equipment ...



this ex-fema guy has been bugged outfor 5 yrs...he missed alot

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 YaKnow2.0    681
2 hours ago, AztlanRising said:

Any predictions / feelings / suspicions for Friday the 13th, tomorrow?!? :excl::pulling-hair::scary::frantics::excl:

work and then some vagina!!😉

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 croix    47

@John Prewett I am curious as to why you say that Thailand would be the "burning bush" for the Second Coming against all other nations who have fallen to a NWO.

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