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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Police Arrive After “Suicidal” Harvey Weinstein Freaks on Daughter

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11 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

22-year-old daughter Remy.

22 Staged event. All I need to know. This is a play!

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2 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

He's gonna be dead soon. I'm sure he's got lotsa dirt on bigger fish than he is. 

Wonder if this was always part of the plan? Set the scene, lay the ground. You know, like they offer the crisis actors they decide need to be "killed."

Plastic surgery and a new life, perhaps in Tel Aviv - will need to be somewhere where there's lots of hookers, for this guy.

They've probably already got a homeless guy who looks just like him already stashed away.

It's just they've obviously decided he needs to be the patsy, and as you say, he knows a lot and if he wasn't in on all of this and it's all for real, then how would they know that he doesn't have something he sent years ago to some lawyer to be opened "on news of my death?" 

And everything that's happened, from that letter he sent to studio execs asking for help when the board sacked him, to all the allegations come out from people we know are subject to their control and silence regime like Angela Jolie to this, everything reeks of a setup, an act, a play, a drama. It's hit the global media too, our media here has picked it up, that's another sign. 

I don't know the motive for doing this in the first place, but that's what all this looks like to me.

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1 minute ago, Therin said:

First hurricane Harvey. Now another Harvey. They trying to tell us something?

:blink:  Nah, they're just trying to make cray cray out of us. 

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