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Eating meat

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 AceMan    24

My niece asked me why I eat meat like Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Fish... even with complete veganism trending.

This is what I told her.
Because I don't give a flying fuck about them or their trends.
And have you ever seen these vegans ?

First of all they are not getting the nutrition that they need through what they are eating, and they entirely underweight, and they only think that they are intelligent, but their brains are in fact dying and shrinking because their brain isn't getting the nutrition and fuel that it needs to function as a human brain.

I have never lost a checkers game, a chess game, a card game, a board game, or a video game against a vegan.

And my brain works differently than most other people.
But it gets the nutrition that it needs and its still a Homo Sapien, Human brain.

I also repeatedly scored higher in unbiased IQ tests than any vegan who has been like that for any significant amount of time.

And as I said before, they are also completely underweight and they are very weak compared to most other people, because their bodies, like their brains are not getting the fuel that it needs.

I do what I need to do, not what somebody else who is a nitwit decides to get mad at me for.
Nitwits have gotten pissed off at me because I wont go shoot up with heroin with them.

Nitwits have also gotten mad at be because I support myself, I'm in business for myself and I do pretty good, and I'm good at what I do.

I don't care about that either.

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