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New World Order Pledged To Jews New York Times, Oct. 6, 1940

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 rbear    240

Guys found this great site, haven't fully read it but I think you will like it. 

Here we shall endeavor to accomplish three goals. First, we shall present the entire James Murphy translation of Mein Kampf, remaining faithful to the page numbering and type styles of that volume even if aesthetics suffers a bit for it. Then we will also present papers, as an ongoing project, demonstrating that Adolf Hitler was a good Christian man who cared deeply about his race, and followed the examples of Christ rather than just the lip-service found in modern churches, for better or for worse. Lastly, we will publish whatever other worthy papers we can possibly obtain in order to set the record straight in reference to certain historical events, and others which are supposedly historical. It may take some time to attain these goals for this project, however God willing, we will indeed attain them.

It is not the holocaust deniers who are a danger to truth and freedom in this world. It is the Christ deniers who are a danger to truth and freedom!


Now onto the op post title


continues http://mk.christogenea.org/articles/new-world-order-pledged-jews

also see 

Enoch Powell was right (1912) The Frankfurt School was the birthplace of Cultural Marxism



The riddle of the Jew's Success ($1k value), Conditioning for Death , The Jewish Strategy & More

Mocking Jesus on Israeli Zionist TV - צליבת ישו - The Crucifixion of Yeshu

& more to come. 

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