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Here's a Theory on the LV Shootings

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 spEKtre    226

Ok just had a thought as to why Paddock was used as the "Patsy", think as if no one was supposed to die or be caught ? think that the plan was to shoot a heap of people and lay the blame on something completely different to what has panned out. Imagine that Paddock was there as he had been in many Op's guiding the "Crew" to the plan delivering the message to the public and Bang! he was accidentally shot or made a simple mistake like shooting himself and it cost him his life and the mess could not be salvaged with a dead rich white guy in a room ? Keep the response crew waiting not for any other reason but to come up with a narrative that would cover their misfortune with the op going "south" purely on bad luck ? 

I put it to people with that this op went bad and things don't add up because we are assuming things inside the box. He died when he was not supposed to and it messed up the plan to blame this op on lets say North Korea ? Iran or someone we don't know of. Imagine for a second if Paddock was unknown right now and the media was pushing a different narrative ? but if an operative is caught or dies then the "Lone Wolf" motif is the premeditated spin and all the stories are leaked slowly to cover their tracks with all operatives having compromised past's ?

I am thinking we could possibly be in a completely different place right now if Paddock was alive.


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