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The Gent

The Choose-Your-Own-Reality Theory of Terror, Mass Shootings and Spiritual Warfare

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 The Gent    890

October 7, 2017

By now, every possible angle of the Las Vegas shooting has been expounded upon by anyone with a website or a YouTube channel. Without a doubt, something doesn’t add up, but, we’ve gone through this before, many times now, and it never adds up.

And it won’t ever add up, because the self-proclaimed authorities will never acknowledge contrary points of view. They’ll never publicly admit that the official story doesn’t jibe with the totality of facts and thoughtful observations openly available to anyone with an Internet connection and a halfway open mind.

And so we never come to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These cases remain open forever. They fester on and on like incurable tumors in the psyche of the body politic, forever generating debate, discussion, discordance, disharmony, infighting, argument and anger. Forever pushing people into psychological traps where reality is whatever best fits with one’s chosen perspective, whatever that may be.

The power structures in place have a firm grip on the controls of the reality generation machine. It’s a top-down system. When an event like Las Vegas happens, the machine goes into action, spinning out variants and possibilities then tossing them into the ether of the collective consciousness. There, facts and fantasies are furiously pecked at and picked over until we’ve had our fill. Then we wait for the next feeding. The next blood-letting.

You see, the real powers in our world don’t care if we know the truth. They don’t care if in all of our theories we do happen to stumble upon the actual story. Their interests aren’t threatened by speculative chatter on the Internet. They’re not challenged by keyboard experts or social media warriors. They’re not afraid of homegrown video analysis and list articles pointing out the obvious. They’re not troubled by snarky know-it-all bloggers. To them we’re just a billion monkeys with a billion typewriters feverishly hoping to accidentally hammer out Homer’s Odyssey.

In fact, they love it when they know that we know. It’s a psychopath thing. You wouldn’t understand.


Very interesting read.....:goodreadl:

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 periclymenoides    1,488

I can attest that snarky know it all bloggers do get under their skin.   That time after I sent my congressman a little email telling him it looked a lot more like the Chenegang orchestrated 9/11 than did the Osama cave dwelling unit.  That was when the sheriff and a couple of non local goons showed up at the house and asked to come in and search.  Since they had no warrant I was able to keep them outside on the deck in the pouring rain until a massive very close lightning strike scared them back to their car.   :sweat:

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