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Rense & Fetzer discuss LV False Flag - Windows have BALLISTIC GLASS & SENSORS, Can't be broken with Hammers - Steve P interview -No Victims?

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I haven't had a chance to listen to the entire Rense video yet, but these are some questions I was thinking about for the past few days but I never raised them because I thought....they couldn't hide something as obvious as THIS, could they?  Looks like that was wrong! So this is a long discussion between Rense and the ever wonderful Jim Fetzer.  They bring up the point that the high rise hotels in Vegas, and probably all over the country (for all I know) have ballistic (bullet proof) security glass and are armed with sensors if there's any pressure on them.  Like someone trying to break them with a hammer, which is not physically possible.  If there are any cracks (I don't know at what level the sensors go off) the sensors go off and security goes right to the room, inquires if everything is ok, if they don't get an answer, they break into the room. Apparently SOP.  The reason for this is the high liability associated with suicides.  If someone broke through that glass and killed themselves, the hotel would be liable for enormous amounts of money. ENORMOUS.  Can you imagine what the liability is with this event?  No wonder the CEO sold his stocks.  And if the sensors were disabled (still impossible to break that glass with a hammer), then who turned off the sensors and why?

Also, I've raised this before - WHERE IS THE GLASS FROM TWO BROKEN WINDOWS both inside and outside (on the ground)?  There should have been a lot of broken glass both during this event and on the ground afterwards and I've only heard one report of falling debris from a hotel guest, but where are the official reports from the hotel/security/police?  You can't have 2 large broken windows without large amounts of glass being somewhere on the ground and I don't see any structures that would have caught the glass before it fell to the ground.  So where is it? I would also think that Paddock would likely by cut in frantically trying to break this glass as we all know what happens when glass shatters.  I haven't heard of cuts from glass and the alleged pic of the body doesn't show this  (although that may not have been the same guy - more possible fakery).

Fetzer also raises the point that this was not treated in SOP manner which would be if there were a mass shooting, they would go floor by floor and lock down the entire hotel.  They should definitely know how to do this after the 911 era with so many events occurring over the years, and casinos with their vast monies are inherently targets for robbery,if not for terrorist events. It supposedly took the over an hour to get to Paddock in his room and this is simply not possible if they were treating this like a real event with SOP.  As I've said before,  if there are real victims, then this hotel and management are open to countless millions of dollars in negligence claims.

Rense and Fetzer are saying many of the things I've been thinking all week and it's good to hear a source finally come out with it as so many are lying, including established figures like Alex Jones.  And if there are claims that this is ISIS....ISIS is a creation of the US government.  Wherever there is an "ISIS" attack claimed or predicted, we have to be suspicious. 

I think they also go into the claims that there were "shots" at the other hotels too such as the Bellaggio, which may have had glass shattered.  No attention is paid to that.  Rense says that employees - and witnesses - have been told to SHUT UP.  I guess we know by who.  Employees are afraid of losing their jobs.

Steve Pieczenik doesn't even think there were real victims here, which surprised me, but he's pretty steadfast in his claim.  He says it's a larger Sandy Hook, which makes sense considering how the security and law enforcement handled it at the time (and now). Maybe Paddock never existed at all as a real person, as I said initially.  Also, I don't think they brought up the issue, but what if these were all blanks being fired?  Or mostly.  There may have actually been some victims selected in the crowd but personally I suspect that these were mostly either blanks and possibly sound effects of shooting - don't forget the large speakers out there.  Where are the pics of all the spent shells, either in the room or on the ground? Hundreds of rounds were supposedly fired.  I can tell that David Knight is shocked by Steve P's suggestion, which I was very surprised to hear him make as I always just assumed that Steve P. was still a covert CIA guy but we were shocked by these ideas after Sandy Hook and Orlando, etc., so we shouldn't dismiss them out of hand because of emotional reactions.  TPTB that concoct these things RELY ON US HAVING AN EMOTIONAL REACTION - it's critical to their plans.

Please don't attack me about whether there were victims or not, I'm just reporting.  We need to consider various possibilities..  I think there were, but I think the numbers have been inflated. Way inflated.  Maybe a few people here and there in the crowd for effect.  I know that sounds awful but we're dealing with awful people.  Ultimately I don't think it matters if there were real victims and we shouldn't get caught up in this because the bottom line is the same: We're being lied to by the entire Establishment, especially the Government and local authorities, our common sense is being defiled, and we are the victims - all of us - of a TERRORIST ACT, whoever committed it.

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If Rense and Fetzer are WRONG and the Mandalay doesn't have ballistic security glass in their windows and sensors....then that is ANOTHER MAJOR LIABILITY ISSUE because they SHOULD have that.  I can't imagine that Mandalay is going to stay with the Paddock narrative as I think it creates way too much liability for them. I think they're going to have to go with multi shooter, terrorist narrative - probably still fake, but more believable than Stephen Paddock - Rambo.   We'll see as the lawyers start to circle the Mandalay (and parent company MGM, IIRC) on behalf of survivors and families.  And if they DON'T, then that raises more issues.  Of course, Mandalay may receive financial coverage sub rosa from some....agency....but that would be very beacoup bucks.  We shall see.

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