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Russia and the Moslems

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This article is very long, however if you have a reading addon such as SpeakIt!, it helps out alot. This article coincides with my thoughts and also what I found out about some other issues recently. Its also where I found the stormfront site I posted about on The riddle of the Jew's Success ($1k value), Conditioning for Death , The Jewish Strategy & More . I came across the site before, but didn't do much more than maybe look a bit and bookmark it. You will not want to miss this entire article below.

http://www.dailystormer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Moscow_Cathedral_Mosque_2015-08-618x463.jpgThe newly reopened Cathedral Mosque in Moscow

Last week, a big mosque was opened in Moscow, and Putin attended the opening ceremony.


President Vladimir Putin opened Moscow’s new grand mosque on Wednesday, urging Russia’s Islamic leaders to stand against extremism at a time when some 2,400 Russians are fighting with Islamic State in the Middle East.

Russia, home to some 20 million Muslims, has fought two wars against Chechen separatists in the mainly-Muslim North Caucasus region where an Islamist insurgency is still simmering and some rebels have sworn their allegiance to IS.

Unveiling the new mosque built of light stone, capped with turquoise and golden cupolas, Putin said Russia must educate its Muslim youth to prevent them from becoming religious extremists.

“This work is particularly important today as attempts are undertaken to exploit religious feelings for political purposes,” Putin said during the opening of the mosque, which is said to cost some $170 million.

“We see what’s happening in the Middle East where terrorists of the so-called Islamic State discredit the great world religion, discredit Islam by sowing hate, killing people… destroying the world’s cultural heritage in a barbaric way.”

Adopting Russian Orthodox Christian terminology for an important house of worship, the building is called the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Its main golden dome and tall minaret reflected the style of many Orthodox churches, except for the Islamic crescents atop them.

This situation has been dealt with by some sectors of the White nationalist community – including some commenters on this site – in the way that the media has dealt with Clock Boy. The thing has been misconstrued on a ridiculous scale, and I will here break down the details of why the whining about this is either the result of being uninformed, being stupid or shilling.

I tend to believe it is more shilling than anything else, given that “uninformed” is not really a very good excuse in the age of Google. All of what I am going to reveal here is information easily accessible to anyone interested in typing it into their search bar.

Jewkraine All Over Again

Before we get into the Moslem issue, let us look back on the last time Putin fought Jews and was attacked by alleged White Nationalists for doing so.

Just as an army of anti-Russian shills appeared as soon as Putin stood up against the Jews of the Ukraine and their NATO allies, a similar surge in shilling has taken place since Putin has made moves to stand up against Israel and the US in the Middle East.

Although I hate to say it, it must be said: much of this anti-Russian shilling is originating onStormfront. I am acquainted with Don Black, and consider Dr. David Duke a personal friend, and I blame neither for being incapable of fully regulating the discussion which takes place on that forum. For the record, their stated views on Putin are very similar to my own. continues http://www.dailystormer.com/russia-and-the-moslems/


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