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Geoengineered Hurricanes

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When the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is finally assessed, it will likely prove to be one of the worst manmade disasters in Texas history.  Therefore, it behooves investigators to ascertain why the geoengineers were ordered to target Texas with such a cataclysmic storm.

Why South Texas? Why now?

#1 — Because Texas has been at the forefront of the anti-illegal immigration movement.

Governor Greg Abbott has been clear about Texan policy against illegal aliens improperly entering the country.

And the Texas legislature has passed some of the strongest laws in the nation which attempt to limit the massive influx of unlawful immigrants from Mexico.

By launching a weather attack on South Texas, the Mexican border will now become even more porous than it already is.

There is now so much weather chaos in the southern quadrant of the state that a conducive environment has been created for the much more illegal border crossing and human trafficking.  That particular stretch of border is already known to be the most vulnerable to criminal activity.

#2 — Texas has been ground zero for the ‘War on Drugs’ practically forever.  The FEDs use the Mexican cartels to keep the controlled substances flowing efficiently across the border.

Mexican mules, drug dealers and runners are enlisted to maintain this professional drug trafficking operation for a variety of reasons that are beyond the scope of this exposé.

Given the tremendous impacts of this storm, drug running will be easier than ever. Mexico’s fierce opposition to Trump’s border wall has always been due to the huge dent such an obstacle would put into drug profits made by the cartels which fund politicians and police alike.

Texas has been quite enthusiastic toward the wall because of how much crime will be reduced and state services under less strain.  The globalists do whatever is necessary to soften up any state in order to bring them in line with say C A L I F O R N I A !

#3 — George Soros’s Purple Revolution is in dire need of mercenary conscripts. Many of the AntiFa terrorists, for instance, are actually illegal aliens who will do anything to stay in the USA.  That’s why they always wear black face masks whenever they show up to terrorize a patriot movement protest.  Otherwise they would be found out as coming from south of the border. (Soros used the very same MO — using foreigners to use his dirty work — by staging the immigrant crisis throughout the European Union.)

These Spanish-speaking illegal aliens are also desperate for a job having no legal status under Trump administration policy.  Many of these border jumpers are also real terrorists (also known as Wahhabi jihadists) who have been shipped in from the Middle East.  Soros & Company stealthily created a system not too unlike the ratlines after World War II which transported Nazi war criminals to various protected destinations around the world, especially South America.

In the case of Texas, genuine ISIS terrorists have been conveyed across the border in recent years in preparation for the Soros-sponsored, Clinton-inaugurated Purple Revolution. Superstorms like “Harvey” that hit Texas only makes this seditious conspiracy much easier to manage undetected because of the post-hurricane pandemonium.


Devastating weather events like Harvey can always be used by the cabal to threaten and/or coerce any state government that is not compliant with the latest LGBT push.

There is also the hidden agenda that occurs with all LGBT initiatives regarding their immediate goal of normalizing of pedophilia.  This covert plan is significantly responsible for the current crime wave of child trafficking, child sexual abuse, and other child exploitation crimes.

It ought to be quite easy to understand how such weather chaos near the Mexican border will make it much easier to traffic children coming up from Central and South America unsupervised!


Weather modification is one of the most public secrets of the military industrial complex. Cloud-seeding and atmospheric spraying, for example, are well-documented and backed up historical accounts, and are often discussed in mainstream media. Yet, for some reason, the issue is unbearably difficult for most people to even consider. Perhaps because it sounds so much like something out of a science-fiction movie, or perhaps because the ramifications for our environment and health are so obviously serious.

During the flooding of Houston by Hurricane Harvey, the National Weather Service announced that it had to introduce new colors to their satellite maps in order to more accurately present the magnitude of the downpour, which peaked at a stunning 50 inches. At the same time, many suggested that the storm was man-made in the sense that its intensity was caused by anthropogenic climate change, discounting the possibility of weather modification as a factor.

The first weather modified and weaponized hurricane caused widespread destruction in 1947 to Georgia and South Carolina. This was the effect of an experiment related to Project Cirrus, an initiative of General Electric and the U.S. Government, which was developing the technology for creating rain by seeding clouds with dry ice. One of the main scientists on the program was Bernie Vonnegut, brother of acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut, and details of this story are recounted in The Brothers Vonnegut – Science and Fiction in the House of Magic, by Ginger Strand.



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