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AyeAyeCapn A Canadian said

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 CSB    1,701

AyeAyeCapn  A Canadian said

As a Canadian who enjoys American politics fiercely as a sporting event, I want you all to truly appreciate how much of a laughingstock your country is right now.

I work for an American company. All my clients are American. As individuals they are great people. As a nation, though? You people are collectively insane.

I think most of the world see us as collectively insane being that our government is a joke and we allow it to be .

Sad is in America for only those who can see the truth .



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And in Canada, you can't speak against gays or muslims, but you can lampoon Christians till the cows come home. Welcome to the North American Union, which not only Americans but also Canadians and Mexicans failed to prevent.

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 Malevolent    2,128

Could never live there!  Here where I am it was 90F in the shade today! The weather man says the temp will be even higher next week..

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