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Chicago, Illinois – 70 Gunshot Victims

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News from Chicago Illinois as reports confirm 70 people were shot during a span of just four days in Chicago over the 4th of July . This somehow happened even though the city and Cook county have some of the most strict gun laws in the country.

How many shooters were involved is still not known, but the total number of gunshot victims is confirmed at 70 with 15 confirmed dead. And not a word from the White House .

But then the White House did call for gun control in a speech about the Oregon mass shooting at UCC but has not yet still commented in the violence in Chicago .


More than 70 shot, at least 12 killed in Fourth of July weekend Chicago shootings



Reality !  All the gun laws in the world wont work !

Here in my home town of 22,000 I have asked a few thugs way they don't attack men on the streets and they just say one never knows who is armed . And to a lot of our small business here are armed it is vary rare here to have a robbery . Houses never get broken into unless there is no one at home .

Last weekend a thug tried to attack a young woman in her 20s walking the street home around 10pm, she peppered sprayed the attacker, jumped and kicked on his head making a bloody mess and held him at gun point as she called the police on her cell phone . The police came and handcuffed the thug , thanked the young lady and went on their way to the jail house with a peppered sprayed and bloody thug in cuffs .

Just a added note we do have creeps here gang members of the crips and bloods and a few MS-13 now even a few Muslims that are known for trying to covert others to Islame . We haven't much of a issue yet compared to larger cities . But I think we can handle any issue . 


Gun control is being able to hit the target ! It should never be a political issue unless there is a agenda behind it ...


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Indeed, why the silence about Chicago? Well, because of the demographics? YeUP!

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