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Erudite One

Worst Mass-Shooting in U.S. History? Think Again!!!!

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3 minutes ago, Lucy Barnable said:

Thank you for posting this.
We can't let them get away with these lies.
There's far too much at stake to just let it go.


Telling the truth is my pleasure, no thank you needed. Though you are very welcome.

Also, I enjoyed your video. :goodpost:

Buffy for President!! :banana-with-guitar-smiley-emoticon:

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49 minutes ago, Erudite One said:

I just wanted to post some facts & debunk this reprehensible LIE I keep hearing in mainstream AND alternative news outlets parroting this DISPROVABLE LIE.

This is by NO means the worst mass shooting of unarmed civilians this country has ever seen. Patently and utterly untrue.


Also there is ANOTHER source here of a different shooting. Both of these shootings were worse than what happened in Nevada last night:


I am by no means trying to down-play what happened or the damage that was done. I just want to put the facts straight on this major - MAJOR disinformation campaign. It is this kind of nonsense that is brainwashing the citizens of the United States. Don't be a sheep. Don't allow yourselves to be brainwashed with their versions of history.


"When Autumn Depoe-Hughes--a descendant of survivors from the Sand Creek massacre in 1864 in which at least 70 Native Americans were killed-- started seeing the headlines, her stomach dropped."

I am just here, desperately wanting to debunk false narratives & false historical fallacies.

"On the frozen plains at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation, government troops opened fire on the mostly unarmed Lakota people, and massacred 290 Sioux men, women and children, including many trying to flee, in a matter of minutes. Thirty-three soldiers died, most from friendly fire, 20 Medals of Honor were presented to surviving soldiers."

That is right, you read that correctly. 20 medals of HONOR were presented. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. These people were Americans too.



Most importantly in this fog:


Thanks for your post with all the links and other information. :kaneclap:

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1 hour ago, MuchMaligned said:

Whenever it fits their scheme.

Yes, that's what they do. Miscreants all of them. 

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They don't care about us Natives. Back in those Days we were considered Feral Animals.

No Respect I tells ya...


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