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Plasma Based Orbs

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Saw many small ones as a toddler. One chased my mother and I across the room. I said " Oh, my Friends!" Glad she would finally get to see them. They frightened my mom so I asked them to go away. That was the end of it.

Landlord said it was ball lightning, as we had a daybed against the wall. Iron frame, and next to the fire escape bolted to the outer wall, which would occasionally get touched by wires. So there's that, but- 

It always felt "intelligent" to me, not just a natural thing. The way they would move around and float, or follow me. Usually orange or red, these were melon sized, and usually rotated fast. They looked swirley, kind of how soap bubbles look.I could pick them up in my flat hand. Some would spin out and fade to nothing and others would POP and knock me unconcious. I had the impression they were giving me a gift, but I was quite young, so I doubt my child mind, but... Who can say?

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