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Billy Joel - Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) - What's with the date of 10/4?

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 Cinders77    237

Saw this on Before It's News the other day.



Note that "Miami 2017" was released in...1976!  That was our Bicentennial Year for those of you who weren't around at that time.  Big celebrations all around the country.  Now the song seems prophetic.  (Billy Joel has apparently said publicly that the song is not about Miami but NYC.)


Billy Joel - Miami 2017  Be sure to read some of the comments, too. 


U2 also released a song that seems prophetic for the next FF.  Check  out this video.

Does U2 Video Tell of NYC Destruction 10-4?


One more video:

Is 10-4, "A New 9-11?"( Pt. 2 Destruction of Babylon/NYC) "Message Received"


Perhaps the LV shooting is meant to be a distraction...:sigh:




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 Picklesnout    247

Remember remember the 5 th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.

Remember remember the 5 th of November, but this is 'bout all I've got.

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 Picklesnout    247
Posted (edited)

I know this will change our social structure, just like Sept 11 changed our airport experience. I am trying to envision how..so I can get to the why.

One of the rules of business they taught me was, you cannot control what you cannot measure. Is this a way to make a monitoring system easier for the population to swallow? Just like the cameras in walmart with the explanation-this prevents theft and we can pass the lower prices on to you. Everyone there wants lower prices, so they submit. Everyone loves the illusion of being safer, so they submit.  

I think something will be publically implemented. 

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