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Fearless: Concertgoer Gives Vegas Gunman Middle Finger Amid Shooting

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 Ukshep    17,194

A DEFIANT music fan flips the bird at the Mandalay Bay gunman as a hail of bullets is fired on the audience around him.

Clutching a can of beer, the unnamed man can be seen standing up searching for the source of the gunfire - while everyone else takes cover.


Pictures at the link above! Interesting thing to see happen! Regardless of stance on this shooting as to what it is!

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 Picklesnout    260

This seems to be the hardest thing to overcome. The enemy with no face. Talk about the "nobody" effect...

Folks would have no trouble with courage, no issue with choking the life out of that sucker if one could lay hands upon.

The unreachable ones are the worst for me. Like getting kicked in the nachoes from behind, you feel it but can't tell who did it.

Coward enemy you can't reach, the worst.

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I’ve been to many rock and country concerts ....so many drunk people...especially in Vegas. I think that’s why some of the reactions may seem off. 




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