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What kind of shit is this? Disgusting GLP!

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11 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:


Really? This is what it takes to make people feel good about themselves?  And look who is right behind the midget putting his two cents worth in. I'll bet they don't even know a single person from Puerto Rico. 

I bet they do.. in the thieving, criminal organizations posing as gov agencies. 

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2 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Weird how the majority agree on the poll, but the votes are only 3 stars and falling. Manipulation? 

Exactly. Someone is trying to sway opinion. Trump needs people on his side against them I take it since he made an ass out of himself.

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18 minutes ago, Quiet Storm said:

The little man needs removed from society immediately.

:nodl: I'll cast out a net of loosh and ensnare him with it. Watch as he writhes.


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I ignore polls like that one. My Mom loved Puerto Rico and the people there. Her and my Dad lived there a few years before I was born. My Dad was stationed there in the USAF. This was in the late 1950s. My Dad opened a small shop where he sold Mustang parts. Him and his friends were racing them. Anyone remember the Mustang Motorcycles? My brother ended up with my Dad's. That is a nice bike.... Nice..... The rims are solid, not spoke. Looks like a mini Harley. :gsbrnint: http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-american-motorcycles/mustang-motorcycles-zmkz13jfzbea?slideshow=3


Polls like this are put out to get a rise out of people. Don't rise to the occasion and the pollsters go elsewhere to play their games. 

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They're data mining to see how effective their earlier propaganda was.

Tropical folks are generally a bit lazier than those who have to stockpile for and survive a harsh winter.  I wouldn't think you'd need a poll or give a shit about what a bunch of delinquents thought about the matter.    It's not rocket science and it doesn't mean a damn thing.   WTF does he care anyway?  

I started a thread once over there w/ the question 'how old of a car must one buy to avoid the Boston Brakes?'  No one knew WTF I was talking about except Brief and he had the answer.   He's a smart cookie and says lots of funny shit.  Seems he's becoming a sellout douche according to recent intel.  Sad.  The GLP effect.



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