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Revoking the NFL’s antitrust exemption would deal it a crushing blow

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Revoking the NFL’s antitrust exemption would deal it a crushing blow

The left claims to be the side of the working class–against the abuses of the monopolists and “greedy” corporations. But in reality, liberals rely heavily on monopolies to advance their cultural agenda.

Look no further than Silicon Valley, where tech monoliths like Google, Twitter, and Facebook reign unchallenged in their respective fields, routinely using their power to ban, de-monetize, and censor conservative voices.

But there’s one monopoly that absolutely demands attention. One that blatantly violates federal anti-trust laws, but gets away with it by suckering politicians from both parties. A monopoly that serves as the perfect propaganda tool–luring in blue-collar Americans with the guise of a national pastime, only to discreetly inject liberal talking points into the coverage of every game.

That’s right. It’s about the NFL.

The NFL become a cesspool of snobby, anti-American football players who complain about “systemic” oppression while raking in more money than more regular folks will ever see in a lifetime.


The current “Trump vs. NFL” struggle isn’t a first-time match-up. It’s round 2.

As CNN documents, Trump took the NFL head-on in the ’80s when he became an owner in the United States Football League (USFL), an upstart that originally played in the spring. Trump bought the New Jersey Generals and turned the team around, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Eventually, Trump convinced the rest of the USFL to compete directly against the NFL by playing in the fall. But the NFL used its power to cajole the TV networks into dropping USFL coverage. In retaliation, Trump led the USFL in an antitrust lawsuit, which they ultimately won–in a nominal victory of $3.

Needless to say, the long, expensive legal battle killed the USFL. But through a surprising twist of fate, Trump may end up having the last laugh.

If the Donald did take a swipe at the NFL’s antitrust exemption, he would certainly have the support of his base.



He who laughs last, laughs best...............:D

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