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John Galt

Why negotiations are futile between the 'United States' and North Korea

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While I keep reading about the potential for talks between North Korea and The United States (No longer the Constitutional Republic of America) I would like to remind everyone of the foundational premises that both sides hold prior to further negotiation.

Plain and simply the United States desires for nuclear disarmament, which would inevitably lead to the overthrow of the NK regime via Rothschild banking interest.

North Korea seems to be aimed at remaining autonomous, which requires decentralization from Rothschild banking interests. The necessary defense required would be a 'nuclear' one based upon the sheer size of the beast created, and faced. 


I am tired of only getting our side of the argument, and regurgitated information about why Kim is so bad. 

We can look back to history for an example similar with the Holocaust, and the majority of people who died in it. A large percentage died when Germany lost its own internal stability, and supply lines necessary to feed itself. This lead to disease, and malnutrition. We do not get to know whether or not this was purposeful, or merely a by-product of the established environment fundamentally created by the Khazar rulers. We do not get to know, because we only receive one side of the story! 


War...Is never suited to benefit our interests as common citizens defending our heritage. In every war at least half of the information is lost... 



My point.......... These so called negotiations are simply a dog and pony show leading to the conclusion of, "We did everything we could to prevent it".



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Just now, DarkKnightNomeD said:


"Who is John Galt?" =)

An archetypal representation that does not carry in itself polarity, or duality. The perfect blend of material, and immaterial perspective that cannot be fabricated by ones hands alone.

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2 hours ago, John Galt said:

Right now it is a 22 year old nobody.


John Gault became a nobody. He was Altas who shrugged the weight of the world off his shoulders. Once the most brilliant of men, He denies the world use of the products of his intellect.

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The US game-plan is there for all to see, install a puppet leader and privatize the central bank of said country. Then rape and Pilliage all that Countries wealth through debt and usury. If any US Patriots in here dare to challenge me on this...go read The Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and come back in here and explain to me your position.


Oh I forgot my point, the fact North Korea already has a Hydrogen Bomb capable of ICBM launch is proof that it has already won its battle against the US. The race to protect itself was a very shrewd move as Assad bringing in the Ruskies to stop the overthrow and inevitable installation of Private Central bank there was thwarted. Kim Il Jong has pulled out the trump card to prevent it from becoming the next Libya.

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6 minutes ago, spEKtre said:

The US game-plan is there for all to see, install a puppet leader and privatize the central bank of said country. Then rape and Pilliage all that Countries wealth through debt and usury.

I am a US patriot though not a US subject and I have read Perkins. 

I'm afraid it's not this simple.

NK is a hard target. In that it's not able to be bombed and invaded without significant consequence other than in its own population. As in, it has ability to inflict significant casualties beyond its own borders from the moment of imminent threat detection.

This puts it in a class of its own compared to any other country the US has taken on since WWII.

And the US command has always known this and it doesn't have an answer to it. Not just because it doesn't know exactly what NK's capabilities are but because it doesn't know what Russia and China will do to help NK if the US advances upon it.

The politicians and idiot MSM are pretending it is just like any other country the US has ever attacked since WWII and the intel agencies aren't contradicting them because they're all traitors in the public-facing ranks. So the American people aren't getting the news this will be very, very bad on a Biblical scale.

However the politicians aren't stupid even though the MSM are, and they are not repeat not dumb enough to commit to an adventure this dangerous even if NK doesn't have a Red Shield bank. Or at least, the puppets are that stupid if their controllers order them to do it, but their controllers would not order them to front it, simply for that reason, unless they could win outright, as they did in Libya. But NK is not Libya.

So what is their game, is the question.   

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Dr Evil

With this genre "Occums Razor" is a good principle to stand on. Some things may seem complex but the money trail inevitably always ends up being the driver, granted killing more than one bird with a single stone is definitely a play utilized often and I have no doubt Trump needs his war to unite the fractioning Country that has "United" as its prime moniker in the acronym. 

North Korea was mercilessly bombed into the stone age 60 years ago and still stands which you have to admire, I strongly think this time it wont go quietly into the night and the war mongerers know this. So no major war on the Korean Peninsular for my best guess.

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 I agree with the prognosis - no war.

1 hour ago, spEKtre said:

the money trail inevitably always ends up being the driver

Yes it does esp with someone like Kim so we need to ask why didn't the US simply pursue that route since if would have been a lot cheaper than all this diplomatic/military bollocks since March.

The CIA has trillions in black drug cash, it could have diverted a fraction to the Swiss accounts of the entire NK cadre of leading families without even missing it and got whatever it wanted.

But no.

This is the interesting question. Everytime you run the calculation you come up with the same obstacle.

If they want to get NK, why?

Position a base on China/Russia border(s)? 

So what? What threat would that be to either of those countries to make it worth the NK cost?

Rare earth minerals? NK probably has a nuke or three right next to them anyway, Afghanistan has em too if they need rare earth for genuine reasons.

The only cui bono moment is for the US MIC so they can scare the US taxpayer into extremely expensive defensive missile systems. Plus the nukuler upgrade too. That's only several trillion or more. Goldman Sachs should be able to list the bonds by Wednesday next week, as soon as the Fed approves the banker fees so they don't miss out, lest things turn turtle. Which won't of course happen, naturally.

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