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#UCCShooting shooting Umpqua Community College gun free zone or not

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               UCC Shooting Umpqua Community College a gun free zone


Once again the Umpqua Community College proves that gun free zones are basically places of sitting ducks. Did the Oregon shooter (who still hasn’t been indentified at the time of this post) obey the gun free zone bullshit at Umpqua Community College? Leftists will never learn from their mistakes.

Some leftists propaganda sites like Think Progress are spread the lie that Umpqua Community College was not a gun free zone. Who are you going to believe? Think Progress or the Umpqua Community College president?


UCC Was Not A ‘Gun Free Zone’ Because Public Colleges In Oregon Can’t Ban Guns

by Judd Legumbird_blue_16.png Oct 1, 2015

On Thursday, a shooter reported killed at least 13 people and injured many others at a community college in Oregon. Just minutes after the incident, commentators sought to attribute the incident to the fact that Umpqua Community College was a “gun free zone.”

“The gun free zones are the areas that tell licensed gun owners that you are not allowed to carry your weapon in this facility…If you’re going to perpetrate some act, you know that most people are not going to be armed,” CNN “military analyst” Rick Francona said a few minutes after the shooting.

A retired Navy Seal, Jonathan Gilliam, also appearing on CNN, went even further. Blaming the “gun free zone” for the scope of the tragedy and adding “the only thing that’s going to stop a gun is another gun.”


Read this post here : http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/10/01/3708256/ucc-was-not-a-gun-free-zone-because-public-colleges-in-oregon-cant-ban-guns/

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