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You Don’t Really Think You Survived September Unscathed Do You?

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You Don’t Really Think You Survived September Unscathed Do You?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

(Before It's News)


Some of you out there were probably relieved when you saw the October 1st on the Calendar, because you knew that meant we lived long enough to survive all the end of the world prophecies the news was bombarding us with in September, right? Well, I’m afraid I have some very bad news. It’s not like there was some cosmic finish line that we all passed on September 30th just because we no longer wake up and see 673 stories on every media site about an extinction level event about an incoming asteroid. 

Our actual reality is pretty far from any cosmic finish line with a positive connotation. Rather than thinking, “whew, we made it,” I’d be more inclined to think of October 1st as more like a, “Ladies and gentleman, start your engines, the beginning of the end is about to commence,” kind of day. Who can say for sure what has motivated all the B.S. stories in the past, but this years stories were likely motivated by two factors: 1) Face it, some people just love to B.S. people; and 2) The powers that be (aka the global elites) wanted to keep people as distracted as possible from the REAL asteroids coming right for us: The Financial Asteroids. Michael Snyder’s article could not have had a more perfect title, 

“This Is For The “Nothing Is Happening” Crowd…”



Read the whole post here it will take your mind off of the school shooting for a few minutes



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Thx CB and Lucy...I might as well spill it.


I haven't told anybody else online...it was my Mom

So sorry... my sincerest condolences. :grouphug:

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