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Sweden: Migrants Issue New Demand To Natives, Creation Of “The New Society” Underway

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 abigfatzero    3,723

Migrants Issue New Demand To Natives, Creation Of “The New Society” Underway

The Swedish people have continued to let their guest migrants walk all over their nation’s laws and people as their unrelenting migration to the Nordic country continues to change the country. Hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and North African migrants have begun to call Sweden their home as the government has allowed them to travel into the country and apply for social welfare at an alarming rate. Now, the migrants are demanding that native Swedes abandon their language in favor of Persian and Dari in order to fit into the “new society.”

Afghani and other migrants have begun to demand that the Swedish people abandon their old society in favor of a new one that will include a majority of Muslims as well as other laws that will establish Sharia. They have begun to do this by advertising that these courses will help bridge the gap between the migrants and Swedes as the natives are adjusting to their new way of life.

This is basically the same as an occupying force demanding that their new subjects learn their language so that they can adjust to the way things are going to work now. The Swedish people have been defeated without even putting up a fight.


Political Islam is coordinated and organized because it is trying to use the massive flow of Muslim migrants to influence European democracies. This means that when the European governments eventually allow amnesty for hundreds of thousands of Muslims, they will have the opportunity to vote for Sharia law in a legal way, which once established will likely not allow a second vote to rescind it.

Now that Muslims are openly demanding that Europeans drop their languages in favor of Middle Eastern, North African, and Central Asian languages, it becomes clear that the Muslims are trying to destroy their way of life in favor of a new way.



Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Thanks Barbara.........

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