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Non Compliance Is Not Justification for Murder by the State

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Non Compliance Is Not Justification for Murder by the State

Posted on September 27, 2015 by Daniel Unedo


So conditioned has the reactionary populace become to police brutality and ‘obey my authority’ rhetoric. Anyone suggesting that an unarmed citizen shot dead in a hail of gunfire didn’t deserve his grisly fate, is met with a storm of hostile derision from all quarters of society. Refusing to comply with an order barked by several panicky men in blue t-shirts is simply intolerable, inexcusable, impermissible.

Accepting the absolute authority of the unelected police forces has become nonnegotiable in the fearful, obedience-happy climate we live in. It is socially acceptable for an officer to kill a citizen if he or she poses any conceivable danger to the officer. Officers must have powerfully fertile imaginations, because they frequently manage to stretch the meaning of ‘conceivable danger’ to paint unarmed, paralyzed, frightened, unwell, tearful or too dark-skinned citizens as deserving of a bullet through the eye.

No matter how many unarmed men, women and children (and their family dogs) the police put down for failing to respond to orders in a timely manner, the citizenry at large continues to laud the police as brave protectors of mankind, worthy of gold medals and buckets of caviar.

Read the whole post here : http://anarkick.com/non-compliance-is-not-justification-for-murder-by-the-state/


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That sounds like blacklivesmatter (they don't) propaganda my friend.

Do not be led by Propaganda Ministry.

What is the other recourse?

No police?

Federal (Black Panther) police?

Rented police?

Sounds thin.


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