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CT Related Animations/Cartoons as Educational Material

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 RabidWolf    952

The way I see it, maybe us CTers need to take a page out of the TPTB's book and resort to using animations to catch the attention of those less inclined to thinking outside of the box.

To that end, I submit Foamy the Squirrel from Ill Will Press:


Plenty of interesting rants (not all of which I completely agree with or are CT-related, but still interesting) can be found here: http://illwillpress.com/vault.html 

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I agree RW! Been saying this for years! We should entertain while informing, because the powers that screw have all our attention spans shortened (even mine. We are not immune, we're simply more aware. CTers that is.)

Infact, there are idealists, such as myself, in the higher ranks of the screw overs. I really believe that, people like Jefferson, who wrote so from the heart it;s the longest run on sentence that is a grammar wreck any school child had to memorize.

Those are the ones that sneak in messages between entertainments. A fair enough example:


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