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Governmental Agencies Infiltrate Independant Media To Control Your Perception Of Reality

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 CSB    1,699

Media group with ties to the CIA and DHS wants to create a 'global fact checking network'




The Poynter Insitute claims to be starting up a 'global fact checking network' but they should be a little more transparent about who's really doing the fact checking.

The Poynter Institute also claims to be a global leader in journalism education but works with the Gannett Co., Inc., the nation’s largest news publisher.

http://www.poynter.org/wp-content/themes/poynter2014/img/Poynter40Final.jpg At : http://www.poynter.org/


How will Americans and the world find out what's really going on when the CIA & DHS have their hands in what's being passed off as independent news?

Blogspot post with links : http://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2015/09/media-group-with-ties-to-cia-and-dhs.html?m=1


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 five    314

So I heard, but hasn't all media been BS since it all began? The truth is all around you, it is your friends and family, it is the birds and trees outside your window. You cannot obtain truth from a neon distraction. 

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Yeah, enough to make any freedom-loving American cry in disgust. Freedom of the press, but only if the press is "Correct"?!?!?


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 rbear    240

baa sheep said "I don't subscribe to any conspiracy theories" aka "I am unable to think for myself. I have heard this a lot recently while trying to awaken the brainwashed.

I even talked to someone today in Albania and they were pro western(us) indoctrinated aka brainwashed. The person was very smart though and I enjoyed talking with her. I will help her learn more. I opened her mind alot today.

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