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Fox News: Screw minimum wage, let's ban welfare babies

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 Malevolent    1,949

Another of those sociopolitical conundrums!  I say if you cannot feed them do not breed them!  In my country women are paid a grant for every kid.  What we now have is kids of 15 / 16 getting pregnant to obtain a grant.  The communist government is also very clever, they base their electioneering upon this grant.  They openly say that the next government will take away the grants, thus those grassroots people who are mostly unskilled and not well educated will vote for the current government just because of the grant.  Currently there are some 20 million people with grants (we are much smaller than the USA -OK) thus the communists are already assured of 20 million votes.  

It is not just irresponsible but very unfair on the taxpayer if you have no schooling and no job and you are not really looking because you have 10 kids for which you receive grants and then some charities will ensure they are clothed and fed as well.  WTF motivates these people to change their lifestyle?  Why will they ever take-on ant form of responsibility for themselves or their children if government just keeps on handing out money which is distorted from the poor bastard working his ass off paying his taxes?  The sadest is that the phenomena perpetuates and the kids follow the same route making the burden on the tax payer bigger as every year goes by!


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