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The Donald Attacks “Hedge Fund Boys” (Read: Jews), Endorses Putin and Assad

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 rbear    240


In one of the best short Trump interviews so far, Bill O’Reilly appears to be setting himself up as a pro-Trump figure, seeing that this will benefit his career. He still pushes the kike narrative, but backs down to Alpha Trump.

The Donald first attacks the “Hedge Fund Boys,” this being a codeword for Jew banksters.

http://www.dailystormer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/hedge-fund-kikes.png“Hedge Fund” is a codeword for “Jew Bankster”

What’s more, The Donald goes on to call Putin a “great leader” and says it is a great thing he is doing in the Middle East fighting ISIS. ORLY then is like “but Assad is evil, he’s gassing thousands” and The Donald slaps that down without going into details just saying “we don’t know.”




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