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Who is Jesus?

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I'm an old enough dog to be set in my ways, but still, I like to learn, love to listen (it's why my wife loves me so much, lol i kid, but only partly) and so I'm curious guys. And no, this doesn't have to turn into a shit storm. If I've learned anything on my first season of COP, it's that we can disagree and still be a community that is civil with eachother. 

I'll go first, as it would be rude not to. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Word made flesh. I believe that the Word and God are the same, as such my words here are mine, are me. God can't exist with Sin, so he figured (already knew actually) a way to be with us even after our folly in the garden. And everyone would've made the same mistake. Sorry, but weither it was Eve, Adam, or you, you'd a got caught in Lucifer's lie. Why? 

God gives everything he created what it desires, that's simply truth. Now you'll say, "well I want a billion dollars, where be it, Jedi?" and I can only answer, "You're still thinking too small. And I don't mean that as an insult, but that's not how this works. Not how any of this works."

Eve wanted to be like God. Wish granted. Who brings life forth? Adam wanted to own, and so the whole world was his. The garden at first, but once bitten of the fruit, did he lose his ownership of the earth? Satan says so, but not God. No, the earth is still Adam's. Only now, he has to actually break a sweat for it, because what God gave him original wasn't good enough, twice. 

So, as for if your wishes are being granted, they are, but maybe the reason its not what you expect, is because you've built a golden calf like Adam and Eve did in their minds, instead of really going for what you want. What you were made for. Does that make sense?

And we can talk about this, and if i get "hostile" I'll apologize now and cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my, to avoid being any kind of a d-bag. Just sayin'.

Even Lucifer got what he wanted. What did he want? To be like God, and thanks to the temptation, what happened, man makes Satan their God over and over again. Throughout history and in this very day. To the point, most would be convienced this is Satan's world. But is it? Or is that the actual great deception, to fool people into thinking all hope is lost, and life is more a "survive til ya die" (law of the jungle), than a community of love (which is why God tells us to congratate, and the church and faith was formed. Perverted in this age, but originally, the point you see?).

Infact, as we go through the scripture, and simple history,time and again, desire equals result. Man wants to fly, man flies. Man wants to swim to the darkest depths, and we do. Put a man on the moon...well, I don't think so, but not because we can't. Humans can do anything. 

Now I will say, if you bring me that first half of Zeitgeist which has been throughly debunked on the Jesus dissing, then I'll call it and prove why it's bs. But if you have your own real thoughts on the matter and not just what a youtube video told you, I'd love to hear it. 

If anything, I'm posting this thread because I'm enjoying the Q & As lately and thought I would bring one that gets about as trecherous as it gets. Why?

Because, like TW said, if we can't rock the boat every now and again, then what's the point of posting?

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My savior.

Cannot elaborate.

Short answer says it all.


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