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How the Media Keeps Us Distracted From Things That Matter

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A short video as a reminder .

The media is supposed to tell us everything important. We need media outlets that will direct its mass audience towards what truly counts: justice, truth and wisdom. So why is it that after spending just a few hours watching a news broadcast, you’re likely to feel overloaded, confused, unfocused, and distracted from what really matters? Below is a thoughtful video that explores what is wrong with mainstream media and what tools it uses to exploit our psychological weaknesses.


Propaganda in Our Digital Era

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

Propaganda, the Formation of Man’s Attitudes is the brilliant work of the French philosopher Jacques Ellul. Written in 1965, Ellul offers us disturbing and painful insight into the mechanics of propaganda, insights that are today even more indispensible to understanding our world. In the ‘digital era’ the Internet has made propaganda easier, faster, more efficiently confusing than ever before.

Propaganda Becomes a Necessity of the Modern Era

Read the whole post here : http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/06/09/propaganda-in-our-digital-era/


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Media raises physical expectations pretty high, too, big boobs and six packs all around.

They go in cycles though with the boobs and six packs. I think they are taking us into the 80's again

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