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Interesting stock market patterns

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 ZionLion    1

As many of all of you know, on 9/27/15 there was a super harvest blood moon. An alignment of three lunar events to end a tetrad of blood moons over the past two years. Well this morning while checking the stock market, I noticed some interesting patterns that occurred in the market yesterday (9/28), the day after the blood moon.


When looking back at the one year timeline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 9/28, you'll notice that the market low for the year is curiously 15,666.


When looking back at the two year timeline of the DJIA from 9/28, you'll notice that the market low for the entire two year period is also curiously 14,777


Interesting also is the Nasdag open and high for 9/28 opening at 4,665.06 and then peaking at 4,665.21 before falling the rest of the day. Interesting because it opened just shy of 4,666 and .21 is .07x3. Or numerologically speaking; 7x3 or 7+7+7 or 777.


Further adding to the mystery is that the one year low occurred on August 24th, 2015 or 8/24. 24 = 8x3 or 8+8+8, 24 is also a multiple of 6. 6x4, or 6+6+6+6. So a market low of 15,666 occurred on a day that is numerologically 6+6+6+6?


And the two year low occurred on October 7, 2013. October is the 8th month of the year on the Julian Calendar not August, which is what the modern Gregorian calendar is derived from. So the two year market low as of 9/28 totaled 15,777 on 10/7/13 (another interesting pattern for this date: 7+3=10+3=13), October being the 8th month in Roman times.


(*please note the graph depicts 15,776 as the low for that day and 15,777 as the low for the two years. 15,776 probably rounds up when including decimals)


So are all these loosely connected patterns coincedental and by mere chance? Or is this pattern perhaps deeper and suggesting something to us? I don't think one should overlook the esoteric significance and symbolism of the numbers 6, 7, and 8, numerical triplets and tetrads, and subsequently the numbers 666 or 777 when attempting to answer this question. Regardless of the possible divine communication inherent in numerology or numbers, when observing the DJIA over the past 10 years it certainly appears like we're in the midst of a massive stock market "correction"(bust/implosion).



Personally I believe coincidence is just God's way of staying anonymous.

edit: sorry for the links, tried to embed the images but not entirely sure how



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Just follow the high frequency traders...The old stock patterns don't work anymore. For example the 200 day moving average crossed below the 50 day moving average and before HFT that would have signaled a bear market, but it had no effect this time. So, patterns are useless now for predicting as the HTF traders control the market.

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