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Lucy Barnable

Loretta Lynch makes history

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While we were distracted with the Baltimore riots yesterday Loretta Lynch took office as our new Attorney General.

Washington (CNN)Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the new U.S. attorney general on Monday, replacing Eric Holder. Lynch, the country's first African-American woman to serve in the role, had her nomination held up more than five months over politicking in the Senate.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's about time," said Vice President Joe Biden at the swearing in ceremony.

The highly politicized five-month battle to choose Obama's next attorney general came to a close Thursday when the Senate finally voted 56-43 to confirm Lynch.

But the delay of her nomination neared record-breaking proportions. Republicans leading the Senate refused to bring her nomination up for a vote until Democrats cut a deal on abortion language in an unrelated bill. That legislation passed Wednesday, setting up Thursday's vote and ending the latest partisan Washington standoff.

Ten Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, joined Democrats. Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz was the only senator not to vote.

Obama tapped Lynch to replace Attorney General Eric Holder in November and her nomination cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee in February. Still, she waited longer than the seven most recent U.S. attorneys general combined for a vote on the Senate floor, after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisted on first finishing work on an unrelated bill.

Loretta Lynch's father, Lorenzo A. Lynch, was in the Senate gallery watching when the historic vote took place confirming her daughter as the first African American female attorney general.

"The good guys won. That's what has happened in this country all along," Lorenzo Lynch told reporters. "Even during slavery. Levi Coffin was a founder of the Underground Railroad. Even during slavery. A white man fought against slavery. So all over this land good folks have stood in the right lane, in the right path."


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Is Loretta Lynch Another Eric Holder? Here’s What We Know About Her Troubling Past
November 13, 2014

The early signs are that Loretta Lynch may share some of the same troubling views as outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

That makes it even more important the Senate do a thorough review and vetting of her nomination by President Obama to be the new attorney general.

This is particularly true for those who understand how important the rule of law is to our constitutional system, something that Holder has damaged during his tenure.

Here’s a breakdown of where she stands on important issues for the next attorney general.

Lynch’s Views on Voter ID  - *Racist
Lynch and the Death Penalty  - *Racist
Lynch’s Perspective on Disparate Impact  - *Probably Racist
Lynch’s Role as a Holder Adviser  -* Yikes

Why the Attorney General Matters  - *Yeah


*Added by me.






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Day by day,  piece by piece,  they whittle away.  A gun bill here, a racist official there,  executive orders signed while cities burn. 

Disaster after disaster,  Fukushima, Gulf Oil Spill, Nepal EQ. Jade Helm,  Isis on the border,  another bill an ammo bans. 

Continual non-stop pressure from every angle,  every aspect of life itself is under attack 24/7/365.

Act Accordingly,  Time is indeed short. 

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